Cinzia Pellin’s for Confimi Bergamo

Confimi Bergamo chose Caloni Trasporti as “The company of the month“, an event that – established by the Confederation of small companies – rewards the excellence of the territory. The branch of Carobbio degli Angeli was embellished with the exhibition of four artworks by Cinzia Pellin.

The artworks are:
La verità nascosta – 2012 – 200×100 oil on canvas
Come il mare – 2016 – 165×116 oil and pencil on canvas
Oro – 2007 – 150×100 oil on canvas
Omaggio a Sophia Loren – 2013/2016 – 150×100 oil on canvas

An appointment of prestige, a new occasion that confirms how much the connexion is strong between Caloni Trasporti and the Painter, which confirm how Art is the dogma of communication.

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