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Privacy, termini e condizioni sull’utilizzo del sito

Cinzia Pellin understands the importance of protecting the privacy of people in contact with her. The information collected is used to contact customers, for quotes or other marketing purposes.
The information obtained from users on the website may be used by Cinzia Pellin for marketing purposes and, as described in this Policy, cookies and cookies may be used in these and other areas.

For more information on the Privacy Policy, please read below.The web server of Cinzia Pellin uses an extended historical archive format, which includes: date and time of the visit, address of entry (the place from which a person visits, type of Internet browser and IP address of the visitor (each computer that connects to the Internet is assigned a unique number, the IP address, for identification purposes).

The historical archive doesn’t record the visitor’s e-mail address.Registration to the site requires the granting of personal data.

The list can be expanded without notice. In that case additional information could be requested.

The information collected through this site helps us to identify the type of content of a website most appreciated by our customers.

We use this information to commercialize and improve the website and our services, to send notices to customers via e-mail about updates to our website and to contact them by other means for marketing purposes or for other purposes.

Cookies are lines of text that, if programmed in an internet site, are inserted by the web server in the browser application folder on your computer.

Once placed in your computer, the cookie will allow the website to “recognize you” as a unique person.Cookies can be removed from the hard drive.

Furthermore, depending on the type of web browser and version you use, you can change the properties of your cookie file so that cookies are not used or saved.

Check with your provider for more information on how to remove cookies.

The e-mail address to which requests can be addressed regarding this privacy policy, or for the exercise of rights under the 2016/679 GDPR EU Regulation, is:

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